Emergency Numbers

How Large is the Island?

Does the island have a public bus service?

Where are the Cashpoints?

Where are the Medical Facilities?

Are Taxi’s available at the airport?

Where can I hire a vehicle?

Where can I buy groceries?

Where can I buy Ferry Tickets?

How far is the Airport from the resorts?

What to do on a Rainy Day?

Emergency Numbers

Health Centre

24270 22222 / 24270 22040

Fire Service 24270 21199 or 199
Tourist Police 24270 23172

How Large is the Island?

Approximately 12km long by 5 km wide

The main road from Skiathos Town to Koukounaries is approximately 17km (Lots of twists and turns)

Does the Island have a Public Bus Service?

The major road on the island runs from Skiathos Town to Koukounaries on the south-west coast. Along this road are the major tourist settlements which are adequately provided with a bus service, which during the season runs approximately every 15 minutes. There are 26 bus stops between Skiathos Town and Koukounaries.

Terminus (New Port)

1. Delta (Junction airport road & ring road)
2. Skiathos Town Ring Road (Junction of ring road & road to Panorama Pizza)
3. Skiathos Town Ring road (Main Supermarket)
4. Akropolis (Health Centre)
5. Megali Ammos
6. Megali Ammos/Poseidon Taverna (Taverna & apartments)
7. Vasilias Beach
8. Kassandra Hotel
9. Between Vasilias and Achladies
10. Achladies (Hotel Esperides)
11. Sklithri Beach
12. Tzanaria Beach (for Nostos & Kanapitsa Beach)
13. Vromolimnos
14. Kolios Beach
15. Kolios (for Infinity Blue Taverna)
16. Aghia Paraskevi (Platanias Beach & Princess Hotel)
17. Poros
18. Troulos Y-Junction (for road to Kounistra Monastery & Asellinos Beach)
19. Victoria Car Rental (Troulos petrol station).
20. Troulos Beach (Frog Bar)
21. Bus Stop for Nowhere! (Dirt road to Mandraki)
22. Maratha Beach (Skiathos Palace Hotel)
23. Mandraki (near track to Elias Beach/Agistros Beach & Koukounaries Harbour)
24. Strofilia (near track to Mandraki (Xerxes) Beach
25. Aghia Eleni (near road to Aghia Eleni)
26. Terminus (Koukounaries/Banana/Aberlekia Beaches)

Where are the Cashpoints?

There is only a couple of cashpoints outside of Skiathos Town, one is situated at the petrol station in Troulos and the other in Koukounaries. In the town there are a few cashpoints. Some of these are:

The National Bank of Greece – In Papadiamantis Street
The Commercial Bank of Greece – On the “Old” Harbour
The Alfa Credit Bank – On the “New” Harbour
The Eurobank – On the ring road out towards the airport
The Piraeus Bank – At the top end of Papadiamanti Street, near the school.

Where are the Medical Facilities?

Skiathos does not have a hospital , but a medical centre which only caters for basic medical problems. If necessary you will have to be transported to the mainland for anything serious. Make sure you have adequate Travel Insurance cover before travelling.

The medical centre is well signposted and is situated at the top end of town near to bus stop 4 in an area known as the Acropolis. Ther is a doctors surgery in Troulos.

Are Taxi’s Avaialble at the Aiport?

Taxis’s are plentiful at the airport and all along the island and can be flagged down if they are not in use.

Where can I Hire a Vehicle?

There are plenty of places to hire vehicles along the island. Two which are popular are Mustang Car Rental (which has an office in Koukounaries) and Victoria Car Hire. It is best and cheaper to arrange rental directly with them and if you do it in advance you will get the better deals.

Where Can I Buy Groceries?

All along the coast road from Skiathos Town to Koukounaries are the main tourist villages and there are many small supermarkets both in Skiathos Town and in each of these villages. They sell a large range of goods including groceries, fresh breads, snacks, alchohol, cigarettes and tourist souvenirs. There is a larger supermarket on the Skiathos Town ring road for more unusual goods. Wherever you are staying, you will probably not be more than 1/2 mile from a supermarket.

Where can I buy Ferry Tickets?

The ferry ticket office can be found right at the end of Papadiamantis Street opposite the ferry docking area in the new harbour.

How far is the Airport from the Resorts?

The Airport is approximately 2km from the centre of Skiathos Town. The main road between Skiathos Town and Koukounaries is approximately 15 km and the majority of resorts are situated along this road. Transfers by bus therefore will probably be no more than 30-40 minutes to the furthest drop off point from the airport depending on how many stops it has to make.

What to do on a Rainy Day?

Nobody wants a rainy day on holiday, but occasionally it does happen, especially at the beginning and end of the season.

Visit Evangelistra Monastary and relax in peaceful surroundings.

If it isnt raining but just cloudy, visit the ancient ruins at the headland at Kastro. Take your own food and drink and have a picnic.

Have a coffee at the Amaretto Taverna, which is situated within 100 metres of the end of the runway and watch the airliners pass over your head as they land.