Places to Visit

Skiathos Town– The main settlement and capital of the island.  The harbour front is the heart of the town, with many tavernas, bars and shopping areas.  The old town has lovely narrow back streets and a walk from the Acropolis at the top of the town towards the old harbour is a must to get the true feeling of old Skiathos. Papadiamantis Street is the main street leading off from the cosmopolitan harbour front. This steet comes alive in the evening, as there are plenty of shops, bars and tavernas to enjoy. Boat trips around Skiathos or to the other Sporades islands leave from the old harbour, which is surrounded by tavernas and bars and people can be seen promenading along the harbour wall all evening.

The Bourtzi is a headland between the two harbours and is the main cultural point of the town.  There is an open air cinema in Papadiamantis Street and for the energetic; you can climb up to the clock tower for a great view over the town and harbours.

As you pass the marina travelling in the direction of the airport another row of tavernas, bars and night clubs line the harbour.

Evangelistria Monastery – This monastery, founded in 1794 can be found nestled up in the hills 5km above Skiathos Town and is notorious for being the first place to fly the Greek flag.  If you want to get away from the beach for a while, you can find peace and relaxation here in the beautiful surroundings of this working monastery.  The monks keep many animals, mainly birds and cats and there is a small museum and shop to wander around, as well as the church itself.

Kastro – The medieval capital of the island built in the 14th century built on a high rocky peninsular on the most northerly point of the island as a refuge form pirates.  In its heyday, it had more than 20 churches and 300 homes, but now is all but derelict, but the scenery is spectacular.  It can be reached by vehicle, but many visit on one of the many ‘round the island’ boat trips that stop at the beach way below the ruins, making it a very steep and tiring walk up.

Koukounaries – The beach at Koukounaries is lined with pine trees and behind them is a lagoon that has nature reserve status and well worth a walk around.  This beach is said to be the best in the Meditteranean, 1km long crescent beach, with calm and warm waters and for the more adventurous, plenty of water sports. There are beach cantinas and toilets to the rear of the beach. Behind the lagoon is the main part of the village, where there are tavernas and supermarkets. The village is backed to the north by a wonderful pine forest with walks towards Mandraki beach about 2km from Koukounaries.

Tsougria – A small island about 2km from Skiathos Town, which has a wonderful sandy beach and taverna.

Skopelos & Asselinos – Skopelos is the closest island to Skiathos and can be reached there by ferry in as little as 1/2 an hour. Quieter and slightly bigger than Skiathos it is covered in pine forest with some lovely beaches to visit. The main settlement is Skopelos Town which takes longer to get to by ferry. In the last few years, the island has been best known for being the place where the film Mamma Mia was filmed.

Asselinos is further away from Skiathos, but well worth a visit as the sea that surrounds it has been made into a marine conservation area. Take one of the excursions from Skiathos and see the dolphins near Asselinos.

Skiathos Dog Sanctuary – For those who love dogs, you can visit the dog sanctuary up in the hills and take the residents out for walks through the pine forests.

Skiathos Cat Welfare Society – If you love cats then you should visit the Skiathos Cat Welfare Society visitors centre. The centre is run by Sharon Hewing and she cares for and organises vet visits for many unwanted or injured cats on Skiathos island. You can volunteer some of your holiday time to care for them or help out raising money for the charity. Visit for more information.