Skiathos Bus Service

The Skiathos Bus Service

During the Summer season, Skiathos has a great cheap bus service which runs along the only major road on the island, running from Skiathos Town to Koukounaries on the south-west coast on which are all the major tourist settlements. During the tourist season the buses runs approximately every 15 minutes.

In total there are 26 bus stops between Skiathos Town and Koukounaries which are all numbered at each stop. The only exception is the main terminus in Skiathos Town which is situated near the marina on the New Port near the Alkyon Hotel. Below is a list of each stop and where it is situated.

2016 Prices – €2.00 for the whole length of the Bus Route, €1.60 for shorter trips.

Bus Stop Map

Terminus (New Port)

1. Delta (Junction airport road & ring road)
2. Skiathos Town Ring Road (Junction of ring road & road to Panorama Pizza)
3. Skiathos Town Ring road (Main Supermarket)
4. Akropolis (Health Centre)
5. Megali Ammos
6. Megali Ammos/Poseidon Taverna (Taverna & apartments)
7. Vasilias Beach
8. Kassandra Hotel
9. Between Vasilias and Achladies
10. Achladies (Hotel Esperides)
11. Sklithri Beach
12. Tzanaria Beach (for Nostos & Kanapitsa Beach)
13. Vromolimnos
14. Kolios Beach
15. Kolios (for Infinity Blue Taverna)
16. Aghia Paraskevi (Platanias Beach & Princess Hotel)
17. Poros
18. Troulos Y-Junction (for road to Kounistra Monastery & Asellinos Beach)
19. Victoria Car Rental (Troulos petrol station).
20. Troulos Beach (Frog Bar)
21. Bus Stop for Nowhere! (Dirt road to Mandraki)
22. Maratha Beach (Skiathos Palace Hotel)
23. Mandraki (near track to Elias Beach/Agistros Beach & Koukounaries Harbour)
24. Strofilia (near track to Mandraki (Xerxes) Beach
25. Aghia Eleni (near road to Aghia Eleni)
26. Terminus (Koukounaries/Banana/Aberlekia Beaches)