Skiathos Cats Welfare Society

If you love cats then this is the place to visit. The Skiathos Cat Welfare Society is a charity run by Sharon Hewing, who is a British ex-pat who has lived on Skiathos for many years. She runs the Society along with volunteer help from both the ex-pat community of Skiathos and those who volunteer their help while on holiday. Her home has become a sanctuary for the unwanted and injured cats of Skiathos, where she cares for them and organises both private and charitable vet visits for the cats. Her husband Peter also owns a yacht which you can charter for day trips and 50% of the fee goes towards the charity and he can be found near his yacht on most evenings. Charitable events are regularly organised on the island to raise money for the charity.

Sharon has turned part of her private villa into a visitor centre, where you can go and help out looking after the cats and kittens she looks after. You can adopt or sponsor individual cats or you can volunteer to donate medication or other things which will help with the running of the charity.

The Skiathos Cat Welfare Society web site can be found at

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